Institut für Klassische Philologie


Anthony Ellis

Coordinator and Researcher

D314 Unitobler,
Universität Bern
Längassstrasse 49
Bern 3012

I trained as a classicist at the University of Edinburgh, with a PhD on religion in Herodotus' Histories, particularly the role of the gods in human history. My postdoctoral work at the Warburg Institute and at the University of Bern focused on the reception of Herodotus and Pre-Socratic religion in the Renaissance and the early-modern world, as well as on ancient Greek and Hebrew notions of divine envy, jealousy, and begrudgery.

As part of Subproject 1, I am focusing on the excerpting, annotation, and censorship of Josephus in the manuscript tradition, asking what this can tell us about the use and interpretation of Josephus’ text in Latin Europe over the High and Late Middle Ages. Taking advantage of the increasingly personal nature of marginalia left by readers in later centuries I seek to place such artefacts in their intellectual, pedagogical, and theological context. An important question will be the ownership of the Josephan text, both intellectual and physical. Who has the authority to correct, alter, or delete sections of a Josephan manuscript? And whose theological interests does the Latin Josephus serve: those of contemporary Jews, or those of the Christians responsible for transmitting his work?